Meet Renata

Renata’s passion for interior design shines through every bit of her work. Her design style is classic and elegant, yet flexible.

Renata Bellentani is the Founder and Principal Designer behind Renata Bellentani Interior Design, formerly known as ReDesign. Her home base is Vancouver’s the Lower Mainland, but she has also done international work, including in Amsterdam and the United States.

Her creative brain and flexible approach to life are great assets in her design process. For every project she takes, she makes sure client’s goals and expectations are met; Respecting their trust in her is a must. Renata’s technical expertise combined with her extensive travels around the world offer a fresh and unique perspective to clients that better address their design needs. Throughout the years in business, she has built long and lasting relationships with clients, contractors and vendors in Canada and overseas.


In her own words…

My passion is to transform spaces! My journey with Interior Design began many years ago when I tackled my first project: redesigning my home back in Brazil. All the way from space and layout planning, lighting, hiring the right contractors, to the selection of fixtures, accessories, furnishing, textile and artwork. Many people would feel overwhelmed but for me, it was joy, fun and a passion that had flourished.

I truly believe that a transformed space has the ability to change people’s state of mind and energy.

Even the smallest change, when well planned and executed, can positively impact someone’s life in a profound and meaningful way. Today, many projects later, my passion keeps growing. I feel blessed to impact so many lives in such a positive way.

“As a client, I want to make sure that the designer understands what I want, has the ability to manage the constraints that a renovation project brings, is very aware of cost in general and is flexible with changes that may appear during the project. I have all of that and more with Renata.

She is very skilled and listens to her clients. I have used all her three services: online interior design, consulting and staging, and I couldn’t be happier with her commitment and the results she delivered every single time we worked together.”

Kristian & Ana
Home Renovation in Amsterdam, NL