Cambie Condo Renovation

A two bedroom plus den in downtown Vancouver that needed a renovation to better suite the clients’ lifestyle.

The Brief

This spacious two bedroom plus den unit in downtown Vancouver was in desperate need of a renovation to make it more functional for the clients. As avid entertainers, they found their space couldn’t easily accommodate the amount of people they liked to have over. They wanted a larger social space for their gatherings that would be easy to entertain 10 or more people in.

The Challenge

The existing floorplan was the greatest challenge, as newer Vancouver condo units tend to have smaller rooms. The client wished for the renovation and subsequent interior design to having a large sectional sofa was also a requirement, as well as to preserve the exterior view.

The Renovations

To solve the problem of needing more space to entertain a large amount of people, our renovation got rid of the den. We incorporated the space the den occupied into the living room, creating a large dining area that flows into the main room. This created not only more room, but brought adaptable functionality to the forefront.

Another facet of entertaining is of course, the kitchen. The layout was functional so was kept as is, but all cabinets and appliances were updated to modernize the room. We also created a pantry in the adjacent small room to provide additional storage for the kitchen, keeping it neat and de-cluttered- another must for entertainers.

We also undertook some renovations to personalize the space more to fit the clients. One such example was a built-in created for the express purpose of displaying their collection of memorabilia from their many trips around the world.

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