John’s Island Home Renovation

Built back in the 80s by the visionary architect James Gibson.

The Brief

This Georgian-Style home was a treasure found by our clients in Vero Beach, Florida for use as their vacation home.
This project’s mandate was to preserve the elegance and symmetry of this rare find. We were commissioned to design an interior makeover that would bring this home to the 21st century, while embodying the beautiful architectural features of the property.

The entire project was rooted in a soft color palette. We used different materials and textures strategically, and applied them creatively to create depth and accent points throughout the large, flowing spaces of this home.

Design Highlight: The Kitchen

The kitchen was one of the definitive focal points of this home renovation. Our inspiration behind the design of this space was drawn from the refreshing, open feeling of the traditional cottages on the countryside of England.

Part of this decision was made knowing that our clients, who are Europeans, would be appreciative and happy with the stylistic reference. The rustic, minimalist feeling, airy quality, and lack of massive cabinetry was the perfect fit for the lifestyle and sensibility of a vacation home.

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