Senior's Residence Refresh

Refreshing the main common areas of a Senior’s Residence in Vancouver.

The Brief

This project’s brief was to update the main common areas of a senior’s residence: the restaurant, library, meeting room, and reception. With a tight budget to work within, we needed to keep all architectural elements unchanged, and find creative ways to modernize the space through materials and decorative features.

The Renovations

We used a highly efficient and very cost effective solution to modernize and refresh the spaces: architectural film. AF was used to refinish the reception area and the decorative bands throughout the main level, as well as the millwork in the library and restaurant.

Senior's residence reception front desk renovation
Refreshed breakfast bar with moss feature wall

The Meeting Room

In the meeting room, we incorporated a new built in unit, which offered some much needed storage space and focal point for the room. We carried the wood element used in the reception counter as an accent feature, elevating the design of the built in unit and adding a textural element to the space.

The Restaurant

The residence’s restaurant was the highlight of this renovation, as the changes we made had a large impact within the budget’s limitations. We created a breakfast bar with a large dried moss art piece that became the feature wall and added texture and height to the space. Also, as all the dining room chairs were in good shape and made of solid wood, we were able to refinish and reupholster them to minimize waste, which everyone involved was very happy with.

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