Turnkey Display Suites

Refreshing the display suites in a senior’s residence.

The Brief

The goal of this project was to refresh three display suites within an independent living senior’s residence. The client asked for us to bring in new furniture with a more modern style, but to preserve some of traditional elements of the units to appeal to their more traditional demographics.

The Refresh and Staging Process

To save money for the client, we carefully sorted through the existing furniture to find which pieces could fit within the style of the refresh. From there, we researched and sourced all the furniture, taking into consideration that it needed to balance a modern sensibility with the traditional fixtures of the show units.

A great deal of organization and planning and planning were needed to ensure this project was a success. In tandem with finding the furniture, we also needed to plan the best layout and furniture sizing to maximize the impact of the space. Once we found the perfect furniture, we oversaw ordering and supplying it, getting it delivered, and assembling it, and ensuring this happened within our timeline.

Once the furniture was in, we provided a full staging for the units. Staging adds the final touches of decoration that makes a space look like a home that is ready to be lived in. We did it thoroughly and throughout the unit, so when finished, the unit was ready for showing.

Showhome unit staging and decoration

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