Home Staging

First impressions really count! When trying to sell a property, professional home staging will help you sell faster and for more.


Home staging is a powerful marketing tool for home sellers and Realtors. It involves making small and large decoration tweaks to make your home look its absolute best. This can include furniture rental, layout rearrangement, organizing, and more, and can be done to an entire property or just feature selling point rooms. The goal of home staging is to attract the highest number of potential buyers possible by making your property stylishly and memorably stand out from other properties on the market.


Working closely with sellers and Realtors, our job is to understand the demographics of the people who would be most interested in buying your home. When we have that information, we reflect those tastes and lifestyles back in the staging and presentation of your property. It makes your home look inviting and well suited to your potential buyers. Home Staging is the most effective investment you can make while selling your property.

Whether you need help staging a vacant property or an occupied home, we can assist you!

Types of Staging


We know that selling your home is incredibly stressful, so our full home staging services take the hard work of open house preparation away from you. We’ll do it all! From layout planning, furniture and accessories selection, all the way to installation, we have you covered. This service is indispensable for busy people who understand real estate and know the importance a tidy home makes when selling their property.

Vacant Home Staging

Most people can’t visualize the potential of an empty space. Helping buyers to envision themselves living in the space is crucial to speed up the selling process. Staging is the most efficient strategy to attract more buyers to your open house, especially when the property is vacant.

Our quotes for vacant homes are complimentary. Call us today and schedule your appointment.


There are a few reasons why partial staging may be all you need. Perhaps your home just needs some furniture shuffling with a few extra pieces to be effective and appeal to buyers. Alternately, if you are living in your home while listing, a full staging can sound like an overwhelming step. After all, you have your own furniture and décor all in place, and moving things or putting them all in storage can be painful.

These situations are where our experience and expertise pays off for you. We make sure we use your own belongings as much as possible and only add pieces that will really make a difference. Contact us today to learn more about partial home staging.

Home Consultation

If what you need is professional advice to effectively prepare your home for sale, we are here for you. Our in home consultation fee for the Greater Vancouver starts at $250 for approximately 2 hours of work.

During your time with us, you’ll receive suggestions to improve each area of your home. We might be able to make some hands on improvements on the spot if you are willing to implement our suggestions right the way and see the results.

Want to learn more about home staging?

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