Interior Design and Renovation Consulting

Our interior design consulting services provide valuable guidance to you before starting your project. It will help you save time and money throughout your renovation project.


Consulting services give your self guided interior design project the benefit of a professional eye. We understand how daunting a home renovation can be. Finding materials, contractors, and the best price for quality work is a huge undertaking. With that in mind, our help aims to ease your work load and stress.

Interior design consulting gives you a professional to bounce your ideas off of. You are able to receive tips and recommendations in return that will save you time and money.


Before our meeting, we will learn about the scope of your project so that when we get together, your time with us will be well spent in tackling specifics. A typical consultation meeting takes 2 hours. During that time, our interior designer will share technical expertise, offer design solutions to your ideas, and discuss custom options specific to your renovation project. You’ll leave the meeting understanding what our recommendations are, and what steps to take to implement them.


The cost for an Interior Design Consultation in greater Vancouver is $ 350 + GST for the Greater Vancouver. This service is available in person, or by phone or video sessions if that is more convenient to you. Sometimes clients decide to retain us on the project full time, and should that happen, this cost will be credited towards future design services.

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